Meredith W.


My sessions with Anna helped me clearly highlight areas I wanted to pursue in my career and my life. This included aspects and passions I hadn't fully realised as being important as I hadn't given myself the opportunity to fully verbalise them. With her structured and thoughtful approach, we developed a clear plan for me to take next steps. Now, a few years into running my own business, I'm so grateful for the conversations and activities that set me on a totally different and much more fulfilling path.

Rachael M.


Anna was incredibly helpful in thinking through how to drive a productive conversation on emotionally charged disagreement about how we work within my leadership team.  She asked thoughtful questions to fully understand the problems we were facing, and ultimately proposed a framework that resulted in a better understanding across the teams of differences and unification on what we wanted to embrace as a team.  The team is now rolling out a new process to work on better projects, which will have impact for a long time to come.

Connie L.


Anna has the absolute perfect personality and emotional intelligence for being an awesome coach. She empathizes, listens, and asks good albeit tough questions to help you think through what is most important in your career. She helped me really hone in and articulate to myself what are the 4 primary things that are important to me - I still remember us drawing it on a napkin at the time, and I have since memorized them and use them in my interviewing. Thank you, Anna, for your tremendous support, encouragement, and thought provoking discussions to help me build the right confidence and direction on what to look for next!

Itohan E.


Working with Anna was a turning point for my business.  She was able to pinpoint a number of key areas of overlap between business and personal "hats" where the balance was off and needed to be addressed. Anna has a special gift of being able to ask the difficult questions in a thoughtful, genuine and caring way that enables you to drop your guard and feel safe enough to explore those sensitive areas.  I particularly like that she uses practical exercises as part of her sessions - they really provide a level of clarity and self-realization that is unexpected.  I still have my sticky notes from our pebble exercise, right by my computer to help me keep steering on the right track. Thank you, Anna - everything I do with the business now is based on what we accomplished together, and I am so grateful!

Penny C.


Whilst at eBay UK, Anna took the initiative to set up a company-wide mentoring scheme. It was really well thought out, action-orientated, with good support for both the mentors and mentees. I know several people who took brave steps in their career, or became more focused on clear goals as a result. Personally, it helped me to think through a big move in my personal and career life. I have carried the approach Anna created into mentoring relationships I have now.