Transitional Career Coaching

Unsure of the ‘right’ next step in your career but know that you need a change? Nothing is worse than the feeling that something is not quite right, that you are stuck where you are and not making any progress. Maybe you’ve been doing the same role or been in the same company for years and have lost your fire. You’re getting that Sunday night ‘dread’ feeling. Change can be scary and starting something new when you already have an established career can feel like an unsurmountable challenge.

A 1-1 specialized transitional career coaching engagement with me takes place over several months. Using a successful and established coaching methodology we will:

  • establish clear goals and objectives for what success looks like

  • understand your previous and current context

  • get under the hood of what might be holding you back

  • create experiments which will allow you to take small, risk-free steps

  • form a concrete action plan to get you going

  • get you EXCITED about your future!


Executive Leadership Coaching

Leaders and how they act can have the largest impact on any successful organization. Whether you are a new leader keen to define your leadership profile or an experienced leader who is committed to improving your performance, coaching can provide a powerful tool to quickly accelerate your objectives.  I work with leaders as they prepare to move into new roles, helping them to proactively consider and address new challenges in the role so they are positioned to lead most effectively.  I also coach established leaders who are contributing great value, but have a blind spot or opportunity that is impacting their overall effectiveness as a leader.  

New in role leaders who have:

  • Expanded responsibility and visibility such as stepping into a more senior executive position

  • New responsibilities such as shifting between staff and line functions

  • A shift into a different department, company or industry

Leaders with styles or behaviors that are holding them back who:

  • Have been successful individual contributors, but now struggle to set strategy and vision

  • Are not developing their direct reports and/or building an effective team

  • Fail to build effective cross functional relationships


Team Coaching and Facilitation

Team Coaching

Whether you are a newly formed team coming together or an existing team which is struggling to work effectively together, I use assessments and individual and team coaching to help teams:

  • form strong, effective relationships

  • communicate clearly

  • create common purpose and goals

  • articulate and resolve conflict

  • genuinely have fun together

Offsite and Meeting Facilitation

Know that you have a team offsite or an important meeting coming up? Keen to ensure that it isn’t just another ‘boring’ day which pays to lip-service to bonding and agreements that fall apart the minute people are out the door?

Let me serve as your meeting facilitator, by creating an atmosphere of openness and trust, allowing your team to share and co-create meaningful agreements and a shared purpose that lasts.

I will work with the team leader before each meeting to clarify the purpose and desired outcomes of the meeting, understand what potential obstacles or challenges may arise and how to ensure a successful outcome.

As facilitator during the offsite or meeting, I will create a positive, open atmosphere, monitor and encourage participation so that the loudest voice in the room doesn’t always win, resolve conflict quickly and ensure that there are clear, agreed upon next steps that will drive concrete action.

Systemic Team Coaching

I also provide longer term engagements for teams who really want to get under the hood of making sustainable, long term change within how they operate inside their team and inside their broader organization. How do you keep a team functioning successfully once they are out of their own team meeting?

We will take an in depth look at:

  • Team purpose and mission. What can this team uniquely do that no one else can?

  • Key stakeholders and how to meet their needs through communication and collaboration

  • Setting clear KPIs, objectives, goals

  • Learning - how the team is learning to evolve to meet the needs not only of today but also of the future.